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Pay forH2Recruitin pieces

Pay with tranch enables you to choose flexible terms for your H2 Recruit invoices from 3 to 12 months.

Why spread out payments?

Get payment
flexibility so you
don’t have to
pay upfront

Prioritise spend on
growth, without
compromising on
the tools you need

We take the
payment hassle out
for you from Day 1 -
no personal guarantees

Pay with tranch

See how you could save

6 months
£4,375 per month

How does tranch work?

Sign up and connect
your bank accounts.

You fill in some simple information on your company, and then connect your bank accounts (or share our secure link with your Finance team). We will determine eligibility within 24 hours - this will not affect your credit score.

Flexible payment
on your terms.

Once approved, we will pay H2 Recruit upfront on your behalf and you pay us. Through our process, we’ll approve an overall credit limit so you can use the remainder for your other suppliers.

Prioritise spend
on growth.

tranch advances do not have any interest rate attached or dilution from warrants. We add a simple fee onto each advance which is payable across the term of the advance. No subscriptions - you only pay a fee for what you’ve used!

Frequently asked Questions

Who is Tranch?

We’re on a mission to transform how businesses pay for large invoices, from SaaS and cloud to professional and marketing expenses.

tranch provides payment flexibility to buyers and suppliers, without the complexity of the status quo.

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